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This is my first blog post. I've never had a blog before. Well, unless you count Tumblr, but I mostly use it for memes and cat videos so I don't really count it. Anyways, I think you're probably wondering why I've made a blog. Even if you aren't, I'm still gonna tell you so without further ado, there are 2 main reasons:

  1. I love books. I love to read them, touch them, smell them and I specially love to rant about them. The thing is, I didn't really have a place to do that so I had the bright idea of a blog (let's hope I don't regret it)! I also have a bookstagram account where I post pictures of books. (For those unaware, a bookstagram account is an Instagram account for books)
  2. I like ranting. Also writing.. Mixed it all together and a blog is where I got the best of both worlds (I'd say sorry but I'm not sorry at all).

Now a few things to know about me and my blog:

  1. I'm from Pakistan (if it wasn't already obvious enough)
  2. I love books and music.
  3. I want a cat.
  4. I'm kinda obsessed with Twenty One Pilots.
  5. I make bad jokes.
  6. My favorite color is black (are you ready? *drum roll* *emo sigh* Just like my soul) (again, not even a little bit sorry)
  7. My biggest dream is living in London.
  8. I want to go to a huge concert one day. I've only been to a few small ones.
That's it for this one folks. I hope I enjoy doing this and something productive comes out of this whole blogging business. considering i just spent two hours setting it up. One more thing. I greatly appreciate recommendations so drop 'em in the comments (they can be for music, books, other blogs-heck even cereals).

Until next time,
Yashal (pronounced,"yuh-sh-l")


  1. there are so many cats out there , you can have try to get a stray kitten and you can make it a pet. atleast i did that


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