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My Favorite Fantasy Authors

Hello again! Today I thought I'd take a break from book reviews and instead talk about my favorite authors as of 2017. Obviously, these are my current favorite authors and are prone to change as I hopefully continue to explore the literary world. I have never had a singular favorite author, it has always been different authors for different genres so in this blog post, I shall talk about all my favorite fantasy authors and for contemporary/general fiction authors, I'll make a separate blog post. So without further ado, (in no particular ranking) my favorite fantasy authors:
1. Cassandra Clare Cassandra Clare is a wonderful author in many ways but the one particular reason that I love her books above all else is the way she writes her characters. The cast is diverse in terms of backgrounds, cultures and sexuality. None of the diversity feels forced unlike other authors (I'll elaborate on this later). The characters are alive, their relationships are complicated and none of …